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Steinbau Enterprises has been building equine facilities and other construction projects in the Hudson Valley for over 30 years. Our focus has been on equine facility design and new construction, but we also renovate existing structures. We provide design services that allow you to visualize your completed facility before construction begins. We take into consideration site orientation, drainage, overall aesthetics, function and other factors to provide you with the best possible equine facility for your new investment.


We also renovate existing structures including structural repairs, cosmetic upgrades, enhancing ventilation and resolving drainage issues. We have been in involved with unique projects such as moving buildings, bending a gothic arch truss back to its original form, converting a under engineered truss system to a post/frame system, and repairing timber frame trusses.


Our commitment to quality construction, craftsmanship and detail is a testamant to 30 years of working in the Hudson Valley providing new construction and renovation. We look forward to working with you on your project.

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